Photo credit: Christina Campbell

Photo credit: Christina Campbell



Anything Chartreuse (2019) is an EP of 4 songs inspired by an intense love of the color green, and a determination to live more like a child. With drums by Dylan Greene, and recording, mix and production by Chris Botta and Matt Walsh. Based on sonnets by Brad Balliett. Available on Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/ Bandcamp and pretty much anywhere else you get your music.


Orphea (2019) is a Baroque-rock song cycle that reimagines Monteverdi's L'Orfeo from a woman's perspective. Words and music by Majel Connery, arrangement and production by Doug Balliett. Available on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/Bandcamp.

Performed by Doug Balliett, Majel Connery, Dylan Greene, Paul Holmes Morton, Catherine Gregory and Ashley Jackson. Recorded and mixed at Oktaven Audio with Ryan Streber.