Photo credit: Christina Campbell

Photo credit: Christina Campbell


Anything Chartreuse (2019) is an EP of 4 songs inspired by an intense love of the color green, and a line from my favorite child’s book. With drums by Dylan Greene, and recording, mix and production by Chris Botta and Matt Walsh. Based on sonnets by Brad Balliett. The album drops in May 3 on Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music and pretty much everywhere else.


Orphea (2018) is a song cycle for singer and mixed modern/Baroque instruments. A response to Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, the cycle is told from a woman's perspective. Words and music by Majel Connery, arrangement and production by Doug Balliett, the only person I know (and maybe the only person, period?) who could arrange and produce a Baroque/modern album. Available on iTunes/Spotify/etc on May 3.

Performed by Doug Balliett, Majel Connery, Dylan Greene, Paul Holmes Morton, Catherine Gregory and Ashley Jackson. Recorded and mixed at Oktaven Audio with Ryan Streber.