Hae Voces

Hae Voces is vocals/violin duo Kristina Dutton and Majel Connery. Latin for "these voices” the group bridges the worlds of pop, electronica and classical music. Hae Voces’ current project, Rapoport Remembered, is created in collaboration with the Sonya Rapoport Legacy Trust, and premieres at Kala Institute in Berkeley June 1-2, 2018.

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"New English Grammar"

New English Grammar is a multimedia performance based on poem cycle by Jeff Dolven, and created in concert with composer/vocalist Majel Connery and painter David Scher. A workshop premiere involving live music, narration and improvisation takes place at The Boiler Room (Brooklyn) in March 2018. Dolven is a poet and professor of English at Princeton; Scher is a painter based in NYC.

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"This Kind of Love"

This Kind of Love is an EP of four songs written and performed by Connery in collaboration with percussionist/drummer,  Dylan Greene and producer/guitartist, Chris Botta. The EP is based on sonnets by Brad Balliett, and will be released in June 2018.

"The Sea"

The Sea is an evening-length symphonic song cycle inspired by the Sea issue of literary magazine, Lapham’s Quarterly. Written by Oracle Hysterical (Majel Connery, Elliot Cole, Brad & Doug Balliet and Dylan Greene) and performed with Grammy-nominated A Far Cry, the Sea premiered at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and will tour in spring 2019.

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Based on the tragedy by Euripides, Hecuba is Oracle Hysterical’s sophomore album, and drops on National Sawdust Tracks May 13, 2018. Featuring Jason Treuting (percussion) and mixed by Chris Botta and Alexander Overington. The live show debuted at the Toledo Museum of Art October 2017.