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Anything Chartreuse (2019) is the debut EP and solo project of vocalist, composer and roving academic Majel Connery. 

Connery's "crystalline voice" (Chicago Reader) is the centripetal force on the EP, unifying four experimental tracks that range from vocoder sonnets to “dreamy art pop” (Second Inversion). Too complex to be ambient, and too atmospheric to be rock, the EP is a marriage of proggy, moody and arty, side-stepping verse/chorus form in favor of massive, shifting textures and lyrical climaxes. Connery’s conspicuous classical influences are most on display in the opening track, “August,” which also features a cameo from her composer collective, Oracle Hysterical. 

Anything Chartreuse was lovingly teased into being with the help of producers Chris Botta and Matt Walsh, lyricist Brad Balliett and drummer Dylan Greene. Connery’s one-hour set includes the full EP, selections from her full album, Orphea, and from her upcoming full-length album.

Anything Chartreuse and Orphea are available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.


With past lives as an actor, opera singer, and academic, Connery approaches songwriting with an open embrace of diverse influences. Most recently, she wrote songs about porn, periods, and sad fish for 5 episodes of Radiolab’s “Gonads” series, including a Radiolab Live performance at NYU Skirball Center. While Connery holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and a composition degree from Princeton, her writing is deeply influenced by her parents' eclectic cassette tape collection circa 1984, which explains a compositional style part Schubert and part Elvis Costello (that’s a mangled quote from the Wall Street Journal).

Former New York Times critic Steve Smith favorably compared her voice to Shara Nova/My Brightest Diamond and Joanna Newsom, while Peter Margasak, writing for Bandcamp Daily, describes her vocals as “expertly drawing upon a wide swath of approaches—British folk, madrigal, art rock.” In opera circles, Connery is best known as co-founder and director of Chicago-based opera company, Opera Cabal (2007-2018), whose premiere of G.F. Haas’s ATTHIS at The Kitchen was described as “one of the most … searingly painful and revealing operatic performances in recent times (New York Times).

Connery left academia following a stint as Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley in 2015 to launch a career as a solo artist. Since then, as Mohr Visiting Artist at Stanford (2017), she commissioned and performed Pulitzer Prize winner Caroline Shaw’s “Contriving the Chimes,” written for Connery and the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and staged by opera director Christopher Alden. In 2016, as Mellon Visiting Artist at Wellesley, she commissioned and performed Aeolus, a throat-singing rock opera by Rome- and Berlin Prize-winning composer Ken Ueno. Connery recently co-taught a “Voice” seminar at Princeton with poet & beloved collaborator Jeff Dolven. She is bi-coastal, based in Brooklyn, NY, and Berkeley, CA, where she lives with her partner, neuroscientist Matt Walker.




“Rebeam me” single. Video by Four/Ten Media

"Helen" single from "Hecuba" by Connery’s composer collective, Oracle Hysterical. Video by Four/Ten Media.


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Sept 19-28 CHICAGO

Sept 17 Drawing Room, Arts Club of Chicago

Sept 19 Hyde Park Salon Series

Sept 20 Richard Gray Gallery/EXPO Chicago

Sept 21 Old Town House Party

Sept 22 Constellation


Oct 19 Soho House party

Oct 20 Williamsburg House party

Oct 25 Zingara Vintage, Far Rockaway

Oct 26 Washington Heights house party

Nov 7-17 BAY AREA

**Dates/locations TBD**



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“…dreamy art pop with the sensitivity and nuance of classical music…”

-Second Inversion

“uninflected and vibrato free … borrowing from the interpretive sophistication of jazz … and the deliberate naivete of folk-rock.”
Wall Street Journal

“...singer Majel Connery expertly draw[s] upon a wide swath of approaches—British folk, madrigal, art rock.”
Bandcamp Daily

“Connery has achieved the practically impossible: she makes contemporary opera feel both accessible and hip.”KQED

“Connery’s smooth, sultry vocals flow in long, legato lines …”
Second Inversion

“Majel Connery … has the temperament of a lion tamer”
 - SF Classical Voice